Info Japan 2017 (SORRY)


All IWF members

We are sorry to inform you that the planned trip to Japan during Easter 2017 has to be postponed.

Some background information

The work with the trip started early 2016, and several travel agents were contacted for suggested travel itinerary and quotations. Many members of IWF (ca 50) have reported interest in the trip, and the number of interested members were clearly communicated to the travel agents, together with our wishes regarding things to see an do in Japan.

Unfortunately the respons from the travel agents were painfully slow, and by the time we got firm feedback the bookings for Easter 2017 were overdue. It turns out that Easter 2017 in Japan is very popular among tourists, and a lot of bookings were done very early 2016 according to the travel agents.

So, with this in mind, we have to realize that the IWF trip to Japan is unfortunately not going to happen in 2017.

Looking forward:

How about IWF trip to Japan Easter 2018 or 2019?

Easter 2018:

The feedback the preferred travel agent is that to get the best choise of hotels, we need to have firm commitments from the interested IWF members as early as possible, and no later than Easter 2017. Since we are a large group, our joint booking has to come early. Most hotels have limited capacity for group travels. The air plane tickets are opened for procurement in May 2017, and to get good prices and opportunity to travel on the same plane we would have to book as soon as the tickets are released.

There is a potential conflict with the planned International Wado Federation Championships to be arranged in Bergen, Norway 2018. The date for the championship has not been announced yet, but if it is close to Easter, then it might be best to postpone the IWF trip to Japan to 2019.


Om oss

Internasjonale Wado Federation Norge ble opprettet i april 2012. IWFN er en nøytral organisasjon for Wado utøvere i Norge. Organisasjonen er tilsluttet Internasjonale Wado Federation, European Wado Federation og Norges kampsportsforbund.

Formålet med IWFN er å samle klubber og utøvere til organisasjonen. Organisasjonen vil hjelpe sine medlemmer med treningserfaring, teknisk utvikling og graderinger.

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Våre Dan graderte

For å oppnå graden av sortbelte er det flere års trening som må til. Utøverne bygger både sine tekniske ferdigheter og mentale ferdigheter. Det er viktig for IWFN at våre sortbelter er gode rollefigurer i klubben sin og for IWFN.

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